Links to AIDS, STDs and Reproductive Health

This links page provides links to key international agencies and networks and sources of information to support The AIDS Handbook. Mintaining a links page is complicated by the fact that internet addresses change and sometimes get hijacked by other organizations (one of my link addresses was taken over by a pornography site!). I take no responsibility for the content of the material on the links but will do my best to make sure that they are kept up to date. Please feel free to get in touch with suggestions for sites to include.

Please note that many of the agencies on my main links page also provide useful sources of information on AIDS

1. some key international agencies

European Commission AIDS programme - The homepage for the European Community development assistance programme for AIDS. Contains details on EU funding, fact sheets on AIDS and various publications including AIDS in schools etc.

UNAIDS is the key starting off point for any search on AIDS with a vast range of documents available including fact sheets, review, policy documents and a comprehensive links page

UNESCO's page for AIDS -covers AIDS, drugs, curriculum, impact of AIDS on education system

UNFPA - especially for reproductive health aspects of AIDS

UNICEF - for issues dealing with children

WHO - contains much useful information on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases - listed in the classification by health topic

World Bank AIDS Economics is part of the International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN). The IAEN offers data, tools, and analysis for compassionate, cost-effective responses to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. New information is added here regularly. We invite you to subscribe to the free IAEN newsletter.


Networks, sources of information and details of programme activities

Action for orphans - useful site on aids orphans, size of the problems, issues involved and their care

AIDS Education Global Information System(AEGIS) provides a useful search facility, links pages and entry point to the global AIDS literature

Centre for Disease Control - comprehensive and authoritative source of information on many aspects of AIDS

Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATEI) A Canadian-based organization with a comprehensive selection of information on all aspects of treatment

International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

Johns Hopkins Communication Project (JHUCCP) which provides much useful information on communication andhealth education incluluding details of social marketing programmes and condom promotion

Population Services International, Family Health International and the Academy for Educational Development are agencies involved in implementing mainly USAIDS-fundied initiatives and are a major resource on health education, AIDS andreproductive health

Project Inform - "Information, inspiration and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS" - Good selection of resources and an extensive links section especially on issues related to treatment.

SEA-AIDS - the information support services for people living or working with HIV/AIDS in the Asia-Pacific region

Southern Africa AIDS Information Centre Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) is a regional HIV/AIDS information dissemination service based in Zimbabwe. Its aimis to promote, inform and support appropriate responses to HIV prevention, care, support, long-term planning and coping with the impact of AIDS. (note that unfortunately the original web address of this organization as cited in my book The AIDS Handbook has been hijacked by a pornography site so that the address should be

Strategies for Hope is a series of books, videos and a traiing package designed to disseminate information about practical strategies of HIV/AIDS care, support and prevention in developing countries


Leeds International Health Promotion Home Page

Health education